Our Presence

Saudi Arabia

We all know that Saudi Arabia is one of the most prominent destinations that hire international workers from various countries. For years, workers from Bangladesh are contributing to our total remittance by serving in various industries in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia currently hosts the highest number of Bangladeshi workers. We take pride to state that now, not only Bangladesh, but we are also supplying them with manpower from all over the world.

Needless to say, our presence has added value to some of our clients working in various industries of Saudi Arabia. As our host companies are located in that nation, we are available for any sorts of services they might need in course of their stay. We are providing entry-level positions in the construction sector. We already have a major and substantial database of various levels of employees. They are being deployed immediately for any project or long-term contract-based positions.

Recruiting skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers is our forte. We supply these workers from different countries of the world. Before joining their workforce they undergo a series of training modules that enables them to be more skilled in the specific job they are assigned to.The training module helps them with a better understanding of the job. Overview of the working environment and the foreign culture is also a part of these training modules.

Our services are not confined to just supplying foreign workers in Saudi Arabia; we are engaged in local temporary staffing too. For example: for a construction site, a company would need a workforce on a temporary basis. We are arranging for such staffing all over the nation. We have provided different candidates to cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, Medina, and Dammam.

Owning the reputation of the most prominent city in Saudi Arabia, we have set up a representative office in Riyadh. Workers recruited by Northeast Overseas Ltd. are catering to their needs unswervingly. For local recruitment, we’ve set up business development and sales professionals, managers, and specific recruiters as well in Saudi Arabia. Employees we’ve hired have successfully created substantial workforces that have contributed to progressive infrastructure projects.