Our Presence


Kuwait is the most aspiring destination for expats. Many have built their career and wealth only through working in the country. Finding a job in Kuwait requires one to have basic ideas about the Kuwait Work Culture. The industries glorifying Kuwait are taking migrant employees each passing year and adding to their manpower. Our representatives are always in action to meet up their manpower related needs.

This country has a record of having the lowest unemployment rate in the world. So there is a job for almost everyone in Kuwait. The economy is growing fast and foreign workers are also adding to that sum. Oil and Gas are the largest industries apart from manufacturing, finance, insurance, and real estate in Kuwait. 

Foreign workers’ needs are also met by us in that nation. We are providing them with workers from Bangladesh including other Southeast Asian and African countries. The employees we are recruiting are successfully serving in the stated industries along with hospitality and tourism, blooming sectors in Kuwait.

Northeast Overseas Ltd. is also providing the workers with training sessions to make sure that they are the best fit for the jobs. In the training session, we make them aware of the Italian Work Culture. Staffing is also a part of our services. We are continuously getting positive responses for our jobs in that nation.