Our Presence

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

UAE comes under the GCC area, which is the most popular destination for temporary employment. They are the largest consumer market in the Middle East. With the richest natural resources, they require workers who can add to their total economy. We are the ones who are supplying manpower to various working sectors in UAE.

Some of the largest oil and gas reserves are possessed by the UAE. For the maintenance purposes of these resources, they are in constant need of migrating foreign workers in the country. Local employees are also getting opportunities to work through our services. We have our representatives constantly helping them with any manpower solution they need. Our representatives are recruiting local employees to work in various mines, construction sites, and boatbuilding sites, fishing, aluminium industry, and many more. UAE is known for the constructions like Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa. The local and foreign workers we recruit are adding to such marvellous creations. Apart from recruiting, we are also engaged in offering them training modules.

Unskilled, semi-skilled, and skilled, all sorts of workers are supplied in the industries of UAE. To match the client’s needs, we are arranging training modules for them. These trainings are adding to their skill sets and aptitude for the working environment.

UAE presents a wide range of graduate jobs as well for foreign employees. For the white-collar foreign employees in UAE, we are seeking people all around the world. Our representatives in UAE are providing all sorts of manpower services, including staffing and training them. That is how we have built a global platform for Northeast Overseas Ltd.