Our Presence


Northeast Overseas Ltd. is aware of the happenings of our nearby countries. The countries of Southeast Asia are developing rapidly. And as a developing country, they are more and more in need of manpower. We know the demand for manpower in the Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Oman as well.

We are collaborating with the manpower consultancy companies from Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Nepal. Together we are rendering manpower services to local and international companies. Our view is to create a bond among the Southeast countries and achieve success together.

Collaborating with different countries of Southeast Asia is a huge step for Northeast Overseas Ltd. And we are performing our duties flawlessly. For business purposes, this is huge for all the dealings we are handling today. But the significance lies manifold under the surface. This is a way for Bangladesh to create a global network for better social values.

Our collaboration includes a wide range of manpower services. Middle Eastern countries are the big fish for us. Together we analyze the industries of those countries to know exactly what sort of people they need for what sort of jobs.

Then we recruit local or international workers for those jobs. Alongside recruiting manpower our collaboration includes staffing and training programs too. As our training programs collaborate with other Southeast Asian countries we could manage to get international expert trainers for those training programs. On the whole, we are proud of the international steps we are taking towards building a standard manpower community.