Our Presence


Oman is heavily dependent on expatriate labor. We provide them with foreign laborers for menial and physical jobs as well as managerial posts. Now the Omanis are entering their huge workforce due to visualizing their policy of “Omanization”. Northeast Overseas Ltd. is helping them by recruiting local workers as well as foreign ones based on the need.

Our representatives in Oman are working day and night to serve them with manpower solutions. In 1994 Oman entered the International Labor Organization. As a result, they have to follow international standards covering a wide range of issues in the world of work. We are making their work easier by recruiting the best fits for the flourishing industries they have.

We are recruiting both male and female workers for them. Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Al Alam Palace, Bahla Fort, etc. are the famous architectures of Oman for which workers have served all through the years. In the present day, the Omani authority is putting much effort into stabilizing the working conditions in Oman. Through the new labor code, they are increasing the minimum wage range for the workers. We are taking advantage of the developing work environment in Oman by supplying them workers as per their need.

Keeping in mind the decreasing need for foreign workers in Oman we are focusing more on recruiting workers from within the nation. Our recruiting team is an expert in recruiting the perfect match for the blooming industries there. Oil and Gas are the most prominent industries in Oman. Agriculture and fishing add to it. We are effectively hiring both local and foreign workers for these industries.

The training programs we arrange for the workers are proven helpful for them. In the programs, we are making them capable enough to flawlessly perform the duties they are trusted with. They bear our good name. That is how Northeast Overseas Ltd. is spreading its fame both home and abroad.